Un-Becoming You

the journey of awakening: navigating endings, dark night of the soul and the path to finding yourself again. Discover your season of awakening

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Dealing with endings when you can't find a new beginning

understanding the seasons of your life helps you make sense of a life that you no longer recognise - from life as you've known it, to the death of what was, to the [re]birth of who you really are...

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Meet me, Yogeeta

My own deep, dark and very lonely journey of awakening started in 2014, It was back in 2018, after coming through a breakdown, that I began to find wholeness and completeness. It's only now, in 2020, amidst this collective dark night of the soul that we find ourselves in that I know I've found myself again fully. I am dedicated to providing guidance and support to those who unwittingly spiral into a space I like to call 'un-becoming' you.

Un-becoming you is the journey of awakening, a journey of radical self-discovery into darkness where we transform. It's a reclamation of the real you. What's missing in our culture are rites of passage to hold space for this process. And as the future of life as we know it becomes more uncertain by the day, rites of passage are what we'll need to get us into a version of ourselves that await.


You have to 'un-become you' to find yourself again...

This is a journey about coming home to yourself. A journey that usually begins with a crisis. It's a metaphorical journey of reclamation, of finding wholeness from the pieces of ourselves we lost along the way. Often we lose the truth of who we are in a progress-oriented linear world of 'having'. Or, we lose ourselves in a world that makes you either fit into boxes or tick boxes as the only measure of your worth.

Tell tale signs of un-becoming you...


You're feeling completely empty, disillusioned and disconnected from your world as it is. You could be feeling like a massive part of you is still missing, but you don't know why. Life lacks meaning and purpose. But you don't know where to start to find answers.


Familiar people, places and things no longer resonate with you. Friends are flaking away from your life. You feel like you don't fit and your perception of life is changing. You're looking for answers but cannot find them and grappling outside yourself for these answers.


Something significant has ended in your life, leaving a void space. You feel lost, without direction, and loss of identity is leaving you tail-spinning into the void and unknown. You don't know who you are any more and you feel a turmoil from within that won't settle.


A lot of unresolved grief and inner pain is showing itself to you. Past wounds are surfacing for you to face that you'd buried. You feel like you're lost in a dark space, depression is looming and you're wondering if you'll ever come out of it.


You've realised that you need to dismantle all the ideas and beliefs you had about yourself, your life and living, perpetuated by a toxic culture. You feel like you've been living a lie and out of sync with what life and living really means.


You feel lost in a liminal space, with a desperation to find answers of who you really are. You want to be in touch with your soul's purpose soul's and your calling but the harder you look outside of yourself, the more the answer evades you.

Does any of this resonate?

If you need someone to hold space and help make sense of the confusion, help is here...

If you resonated with any of the tell tale signs of un-becoming, and need support from someone who has been there to hold space and offer guidance & support to you, then contact me, Yogeeta, for a consultation