The Seasons of Awakening...

Our lives are inextricably linked with the seasons...we are embodiments of nature

The Autumn & Endings

Endings start with niggly, irritable feelings of discontent that we’ve ignored for too long. But you cannot stop leaves from falling.

In the Autumn of our life we feel emptiness; hollowness, unhappiness; a disconnected feeling between you and your life. A feeling like a massive part of you is still missing. These are the feelings of soul sickness, when you've been living a life that's expected of you, not a life that's true to you. And these feelings begin to morph into grief, self-judgement, self-rage and sorrow.

We sense endings. Everything has its life cycle. We sense when the life we are in is no longer serving us, but we don't like change so we hang on to it. But we tend to stay in places or with people way past their natural ending. And staying in places for far too long will eventually implode..

The Winter ~ Descent, Death & Darkness

This is where we find ourselves on the fallow ground of Winter, where the landscape of our lives has changed irrevocably; when the life that was is never coming back. Metaphorically, part of us has died and we're grieving the death of life as we knew it, but with no new beginning in sight. The Winter can leave us feeling as though we're tail-spinning into an endless void. It's the dark night of the soul that has come for us to unlearn and un-become.

Yes, this is a descent into darkness, to 'un-become' you. It's in this darkness where we shed the old constructs, to grieve our life and loss and to get in touch with your soul and the pieces of of who you really are. Where you fall, there lies your treasure. But you need to be still enough to find the treasure. The Winter of your descent, as painful as it is, is a time of profound transformation and transition. It's not a time to try and fast forward through. It's a space of truly letting go: a space to release; to re-discover; to reclaim; to re-grow. And darkness is good.

The Spring and Rebirth

It goes without saying, Spring is the time of new beginnings and the time for you to midwife your rebirth. The yin space of Winter needs to be balanced with the yang space of Spring. If you've fully allowed the process of transformation in Winter, like a butterfly, your wings will be fully formed, but tender. So be gentle with yourself when breaking out of your cocoon. Rebirth cannot be forced if you're not ready.

Wherever you have been planted, bloom. The Spring is a time of putting your head in service to your heart: allowing the energies of the divine masculine to hold space for and to serve the divine feminine. It's about being and living in your truth. It's about allowing your soul choreograph your life in creating a purposeful, meaningful life, aligned with who you really are, and with the pieces of ourselves we'd once lost.

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