Feeling held with support & guidance...creating a rite of passage

I understand you. I feel you. I know your pain. I know what it feels like to traverse the wilderness of my life alone, screaming out for the right help with someone who truly understood what I was going through, but I couldn't find that support.

Whichever season you are on your journey of transition and awakening, I'm here to hold space and create a rite of passage for you, to guide you with feminine wisdom I have gleaned since 2014 from my own journey of un-becoming. Having previously worked as a life-coach, I am not new to working with people. I

What is different about this work is that it's unique to this journey of transition and un-becoming. I know the importance of rites of passage and this is what my work allows to you do: to hold space for you to feel heard, held and supported whilst you allow yourself space to unravel and un-become. Please make sure you've read the About page to give you an idea how I work.

Support & Guidance for your journey...

Unique support tools crafted from my own journey of un-becoming.

For Autumn & Winter of your life

Using an eclectic mix of art, imagery, words, journaling and a road map of your life, truthmap® supports you specifically in the Autumn & Winter cycles of your life. It helps you to make sense of your life so far and to work through the feelings and the confusion, whether that's a crossroads or predicament that you may be facing right now with an impending ending or feeling lost in the dark space of Winter with no new beginning in sight.

For the Spring of your life

Coming out of a yin space of Winter, Spring can often spell another sort of confusion, that of creativity overload. soulmap® helps you to understand who you are at a soul level using the four pillars: soul essence, soul expression, soul artistry, soul evolution. It's a creative program using imagery and soul prompts. It is imperative that transformation in Winter is complete before doing soulmap® work

At a glance...

Autumn & Endings

Winter & Darkness/Descent

Spring & New Beginnings

Engaging my support...

Free 30 Minute Consultation

Always free

This is a chance for me to understand you and your journey and a cathartic opportunity for you to connect with me, share your journey and get to know me as your potential guide.

Hourly or Custom Donation

Preferred donation of £97

This is an energy exchange and I work on a donation basis. The preferred donation is £97 for one hour of my time. I will also accept a custom donation that we can discuss.

Custom plan for a longer time

We'll work something out

Recommended if you require guidance and support for a longer period of time. Transition is not an overnight process. We can discuss what you feel you need at the time of the consultation.

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